The Founders

EMM’s founders, Steve and Nanette Lindner, came to the realization in mid May of 2015, that the needs of the “least of these” globally, nationally, and even locally are overwhelming. So much so that we just give up and many times do nothing. We realized that it isn’t “overwhelming” if we approach the needs ONE person at a time. In other words, we can’t help everybody but we can help everyONE. Our overriding motivation is that everyone matters to God therefore everyone matters to EMM.

We started praying that God would open our eyes and ears to the “one(s)” he wanted us to help. There is a well known saying – “be careful what you ask (pray) for.” Since EMM was founded in late May of 2015, God has opened our eyes to an average of over 1 family per month that needs help. We continue to trust that God will use EMM to meet the needs of those He brings to us.

Steve & Nanette Lindner, Founders of
EveryONE Matters Ministries

The Story of EMM

    In May of 2015 I was contacted by 74 year old Brenda. She informed me she was homeless again.  When I first met Brenda 2 years prior she had just moved into an apartment that would take her Section 8 voucher.  She had been homeless for the first time in her life the year before.  She was literally sleeping on the floor in her apartment and was in need of food and furniture.  At that time, I was the Outreach Pastor at a local church.  I had set up a food closet and because of Brenda’s situation, I started a food delivery ministry to people in need who did not have transportation.  By partnering with another local church, we were able to get Brenda some furniture and most importantly a bed.


Unfortunately, Brenda’s apartment owners were not renewing leases.  They planned to remodel the apartments and charge higher rents. Brenda could not find another apartment that would take Section 8 in Roseville.  So, her call to me was to see if I could help her find more permanent housing as she could only afford the motel for 2 more nights.  I told Brenda I would call her back.  I hung up the phone and when I told my wife Brenda’s story, her response was “No 74 year old woman is going to be homeless on my watch!”  We immediately started praying as to what God would have us do. Even if we were able to cosign for an apartment, she didn’t have enough income to qualify.  Then we thought about a mobile home.  We started looking within a 10 mile radius of Roseville because Brenda did not have a car and needed to be near public transportation and her doctors.


Three days after starting the search for a mobile home I called an agent who had a mobile home listed near Roseville.  My wife and I felt we could afford to buy a $5000 mobile home.  The agent told us the home I was calling on was $40,000.  When I told her our price point and what we wanted it for, she told me of a home that was coming on the market in Citrus Heights.  It was in a very nice Senior Citizen park (55 years plus).  The owner had just passed away and her son was going to sell it for $4,000-$5,000.  She said she would not take a commission and would have him call me.  He called me back within an hour.  When I told him why we wanted it, he offered it to us for $2,000.  God is good!  He said we would have to meet with the park manager as most mobile home parks do not allow renters.


The owner of the mobile home, Brenda and I met with the park manager 2 days later.  God was with us at the meeting because after hearing the story the manager allowed us to rent the home to Brenda.  She still lives there to this day and will be able to live there the rest of her life.

While helping Brenda move out of her motel room I noticed a man and woman standing by the elevator.  I believed God was telling me to talk to them. I went out to the car and asked Nanette to take Brenda to the mobile home and I would follow in a few minutes.  When I went back in the motel the coupe was gone.  

After describing them to the desk manager he said he knew who they were but did not know their situation.  I asked for their room number.  He was reluctant at first but eventually told me.  As I headed to their room I asked God to give me the words to say.  When I arrived at their room I knocked on the door.  The husband opened the door a few inches and said “Yeah?”.  I responded that God had sent me.  He opened the door and began sobbing that he and his wife had just been on their knees praying their “last prayer of desperation”, that God would send someone to help them as they were homeless and had been living in their car until it broke down.  This caused him to lose his job and could no longer sleep in the car. A local church had paid for 2 nights at the motel but that tonight was the last night.  Long story short, we were able to help them with a few more nights at the motel.  God brought to mind the idea of housing them in a recreational vehicle (RV) until they get back on their feet. A friend of mine worked at Teen Challenge.  One of their business enterprises was a vehicle donation program.  And yes, they had an RV for sale.  They sold it to me for $500.  I sent and email out to my contact list to see if anyone had a piece of prorperty they could temporarily put the RV on.  Pastor Mark Godshall with Bayside Church responded back to have the couple fill out a request for financial aid so the RV could be put in an RV Park for them to live in.  3 days later the couple were living at an RV Park in Sacramento.  The husband is working full time.  They have a car and are still living in the RV by choice so they can save for an apartment.


The elapsed time for helping Brenda and the husband and wife was a total of 15 days.  While still helping the couple, God brought another family to us in need of housing. It took my wife to help me realize that we weren’t just randomly helping people.  She believed God was not going to stop bringing people to us and that this was a “ministry”.  She was right.

Over the last 19 months, God has allowed EMM to help 21 families consisting of 82 men, women and children.  We formed our 501c3 non profit in February of 2016.  We now provide transitional housing exclusively in the form of RV’s to the homeless that qualify in Sacramento, Placer, and Yolo Counties. We do not have the financial resources to pay the space rent for the RV parks our clients choose to live in.  Meaning the client must have income sufficient to pay the space rent for the RV we provide. We assign a mentor to each client, help them put together a budget and hold them accountable to achieving their goals.  EveryONE Matters Ministries provide a hand up, not a hand out.

– Steve Linder, Co-Founder

EveryONE Matters Ministries

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