Donate to EveryONE Matters Ministries

There are multiple ways you can make a contribution to EMM. Either financially, physical goods, or your time.

Donate Financially

Making a financial donation is a fantastic way to help families in need. Financial donations are done through paypal, or by sending us a check. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please click the paypal donation button below:

Or send a check to:

Everyone Matters Ministries
1504 Grovewood Lane
Roseville, CA 95747

Donate Physical Goods

To make a physical goods contribution, please fill out the form and tell us what you would like to donate. Please see our list below to see what items we are currently capable of accepting. Please note that we are also able to accept automobile donations as well.

Volunteer your Time

Your time is valuable to us and our families. If you would like to volunteer for EMM, please fill out the form and let us know how you would like to give back and volunteer. Please also read our EMM Advisor Job Description below

Donation or Volunteer Information

To either donate physical goods or your time, pease fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to help. The more details you can provide, and/or when you are available, the better. Again, thank you and we appreciate any way you can help those in need.




You can also find elderly assistance here:

EMM Mentor Job Description

When someone applies to EMM for acceptance into our program as a client, our objective is to help them accomplish their immediate, 90 day and 12 month goals.  These goals are established by the recipient at the time of their assessment. The goals are divided into three categories; Personal, Professional and Spiritual. In addition, the client agrees to follow EMMs preset guidelines.

The mentor’s role is to come along side the client to help them follow EMM guidelines as well as achieve and adjust their personal, professional and spiritual goals as needed.  We are asking for a one year commitment. The mentor, in conjunction with the EMM Mentor Director and EMM Executive Director will put together a plan to help the recipient achieve success in all three goal categories.  Desired Mentor qualifications and requirements:

  1. Must be a mature Christian.  This is defined by our Executive Director as a disciple of Jesus Christ who reads the Word regularly, prays regularly and attends Church regularly.
  2. Slow to speak, quick to listen.
  3. Reliable – you must commit to meeting with your client a minimum of 2 times per month and telephone contact at least once a week. You must agree to not cancel appointments with your client and you will encourage the client not to cancel.
  4. Wise – understanding that you do not have all the answers to situations your client is going through and are willing to ask for help from the Mentor Director and the Executive Director.  In conjunction with this you must be willing to participate in a 90 minute monthly meeting with the other EMM mentors, Mentor Director and Executive Director to discuss and share you successes and concerns so that we may pray and learn from one another.
  5. Must be able to keep a confidence – you cannot share any information the client shares with you except in the case where you believe they or their children may be in danger from abuse or suicide.  You are to contact the Executive Director immediately with these concerns whether or not you have specific proof.
  6. Must commit to praying for your client daily.


EMM is “transitional” housing.  This means our goals are to help stabilize the recipient by providing temporary housing and to ultimately give them a “hand up” to help move into more permanent housing, i.e. apartment, duplex or house. Through this process Jesus Christ is at the forefront of everything we do. Some of our recipients are “cultural Christians”.  By that we mean they have professed their faith in Jesus but there is little or no fruit.  Therefore, the mentor’s main concern is the spiritual condition of their client.  Keep in mind that this may be the last thing on the client’s mind. This concern manifests itself in continual prayer for your client, weekly follow up with your client related to their goals and budget and making yourself available to your client on a predetermined basis.  By predetermined basis we mean setting boundaries related to times you are available to your client. By showing your client, through your actions and words, that you care about them the door will then be open to speak more freely into their lives.

Ultimately our desire is that you will help get them connect to Jesus through the body of Christ/local church.  This will only happen once they know how much you care, not how much you know.  We are praying for you and praising God for what He will be doing through you for His glory!


Thank you for considering this life changing role in a life changing ministry!

God bless,

Steve Lindner
Executive Director
EveryONE Matters Ministries