Need a help back Up?

EMM’s mission is to help families and individuals who need a “hand up”.  We are not able to help everybody.  However we are able to help those that meet the following qualifications:

  1. Who is eligible: Families; married couples defined as husband and wife; single dads and moms and their children; single women and men.
  2.  At this point we require at least $800 per month combined net income.  Example: $1200 per month gross monthly income. $1050 after taxes.  From that subtract all expenses such as food, cell phone, storage unit, car payment, insurance, loan payments, gas, laundry, etc.  What’s left would be the “net” that must equal $800 per month or more.
  3.  After passing a phone assessment, the client must locate, apply and qualify for the RV park of their choosing as long as it lines up with our income requirements.  See point 2 above.
  4.  Must agree to meet with mentor weekly.
  5.  Must agree to pay rent to RV park and maintenance/insurance fee to EMM on time each month.
  6.  Must try to follow budget.
  7.  Must try to achieve self set goals.
  8.  Absolutely no pets are allowed.
  9.  Must pass a face to face assessment with EMM Director.
  10.  Maximum stay in the program is 12 months.
  11.  Violation of 4-8 is grounds for immediate dismissal from the EMM program.

Call 916-412-0032 if you meet our qualifications.