EMM Program Entry Qualifications

What We Do: EMM provides transitional housing in the form of trailers & 5th wheels to families who are homeless. Maximum of 5 people per trailer depending on size of the trailer. Every participant in our program is assigned a mentor that assists with money management, resources, and developing a plan of action for clients to graduate into permanent housing.

Who Is Eligible: Families, married couples (defined as husband and wife), single dads or moms and their children, single women and men.        

How To Qualify:

  1. For an applicant to financially pre-qualify, they must have at least $800 monthly combined income after ALL expenses are paid. (Example: $1500 is your net monthly income. Subtract all expenses including food, cell phone, car payment, car, gas, insurance, storage units, credit card payments, loan payments, etc. After ALL EXPENSES are deducted except for rent and utilities, you must have at least $800 available) 
  2. Applicant will locate an RV park of their choice no further away than West Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove and Auburn; the location should be between these areas. You must apply and qualify with the RV park to rent an available space. The following are the net income to RV park rent ratios: If the net income is $700-$850 then park rent can’t be more than $400, income $850-$950 then park rent can’t be more than $500, income $975-$1075 then park rent can’t be more than $600, income $1100 or higher then park rent can be $625 or over accordingly.
  3. After completing step one and two, applicants must schedule a face to face meeting with EMM. Bring proof of income and monthly expenses to this meeting. If the approved, EMM will begin the process of obtaining an RV to place in the park. If all of the above conditions can be met, then Applicant will need to schedule a face to face interview with our director, Steve Lindner… Phone 916-412-0032.
  4. Clients must follow EMM program rules:  
  • Meet with the mentor assigned to you on a weekly basis
  • Pay rent to RV park
  • Pay rent fee of $100 to EMM on time each month
  • Try to follow budget including starting a savings with the ultimate goal of saving for permanent housing 
  • Try to achieve self-set goals
  • Absolutely no pets are allowed
  • Maximum stay in the program is 12 months
  • Violation of any program rules are grounds for immediate dismissal from the EMM program

*Net income is defined as income left over after all other expenses have been paid