About Us

EMM exists to provide shelter/housing, food, clothing and discipleship in the name of Jesus Christ to "the least of these." Matthew 25:40. We are a Spirit led ministry in that as the Spirit of God directs us to help someone, we don't question - we act, knowing and trusting that God will provide.

The "Why" - EMM's founders, Steve and Nanette Lindner, came to the realization in mid May of 2015, that the needs of the "least of these" globally, nationally and even locally are overwhelming. So much so that we just give up and many times do nothing. We realized that it isn't "overwhelming" if we approach the needs ONE person at a time. In other words, we can't help everybody but we can help everyONE. Our overriding motivation is that everyone matters to God therefore everyone matter to EMM.

The "How" - EMM became a non profit 501c3 on June 1, 2015. Anyone who is led to donate can receive a tax deductible donation receipt. Through the donations of our generous donors, EMM was immediately able to start purchasing used mobile homes, RV's, travel trailers, motor homes as well as provide vouchers for motel rooms, clothing and food as the needs came about. EMM also partners with other non profits and churches to meet the needs where applicable. EMM does not purchase anything in advance of being made aware of the need. When the need is presented EMM starts searching for the right fit to fill the need.

What You Get

Our Mission

EMM provides shelter, food, clothing and discipleship to everyONE Jesus directs us to based on their need. In particular to those that are homesless. Matthew 25:35. Everyone matters to Jesus, 1Peter 5:7, therefore everyONE matters to EveryONE Matters Ministries (EMM).

Donation Needs

These are items that we can use for donations:EMM facebook picture

  • Double Queen Bedding
  • Kitchen Utensils (Pots, pans, dishes, silverware)
  • Mechanics to service the motorhomes
  • Handymen/Contractors to refurbish RV’s
  • RV’s and Trailers for our families