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Become an EMM Mentor!

When someone applies to EMM for acceptance into our program as a client, our objective is to help them accomplish their immediate, 90 day and 12 month goals.  These goals are established by the recipient at the time of their assessment. The goals are divided into three categories; Personal, Professional and Spiritual. In addition, the client agrees to follow EMMs preset guidelines.

The mentor’s role is to come along side the client to help them follow EMM guidelines as well as achieve and adjust their personal, professional and spiritual goals as needed.  We are asking for a one year commitment. The mentor, in conjunction with the EMM Mentor Director and EMM Executive Director will put together a plan to help the recipient achieve success in all three goal categories.  Desired Mentor qualifications and requirements:

1. Must be a mature Christian.  This is defined by our Executive Director as a disciple of Jesus Christ who reads the Word regularly, prays regularly and attends Church regularly.

2. Slow to speak, quick to listen.

3. Reliable – you must commit to meeting with your client a minimum of 2 times per month and telephone contact at least once a week. You must agree to not cancel appointments with your client and you will encourage the client not to cancel.

4. Wise – understanding that you do not have all the answers to situations your client is going through and are willing to ask for help from the Mentor Director and the Executive Director.  In conjunction with this you must be willing to participate in a 90 minute monthly meeting with the other EMM mentors, Mentor Director and Executive Director to discuss and share you successes and concerns so that we may pray and learn from one another.

5. Must be able to keep a confidence – you cannot share any information the client shares with you except in the case where you believe they or their children may be in danger from abuse or suicide.  You are to contact the Executive Director immediately with these concerns whether or not you have specific proof.

6. Must commit to praying for your client daily.

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